Good data is vital to effective communications strategies.

The word “data” is often thrown around in business settings, conveying a desire of solid judgment, urgency or innovation. However, without thoughtful collection, analysis, and review, data really isn’t much help. Especially when dealing with complex and unpredictable topics like communications, it’s important to understand where data can make a positive and actionable impact for your organization.  

At Tucker/Hall, we believe the data you collect should work hard for you. Here are some ways to make that happen: 


It’s easy to want to dive right into a new project or campaign. However, setting aside time to consider the ultimate audience and outcome delivery requirements will help ensure the tracking and importance of data along the way. A finance-focused audience may be most interested in your Cost-per-Click outcomes while a more development-driven audience may want to understand the change in brand exposure to high-net-worth individuals. Without understanding what data you need to execute your end-goal, you may miss an opportunity to collect pre-campaign information or you may overlook a data-point of great interest to your stakeholders. Investing a little time on the front-end can help pay dividends in the end by ensuring you are ready to collect the information that truly matters. 


Data that educates is wonderful – but data that drives action is priceless. While considering what data will resonate with you audiences and best serve your businesses goals, it is also important to consider how the data you have will help change your decisions or behaviors in the future. Knowing that your employees like your newsletter is good but knowing that they prefer no more than two emails a week is better. Knowing that your posts perform well is good but knowing that engagement spikes between 3 and 5 p.m. is better. Whenever possible, collect data that will help you understand when you should maintain or modify to optimize your results. 


When we think of communication, words often come first to mind. But don’t forget about the significant impact visuals can have on understanding and accepting information. It is wasteful to spend time considering and collecting excellent and actionable data that then is conveyed in a way that doesn’t resonate with your end audience. Leveraging size, color, shape and space can help bring complex data to life and make it easier to understand.  

Tucker/Hall works with companies and leaders to help develop solid strategies for gathering and understanding the data that matters to communications. Feel free to contact John Finotti at 904-493-5006 or via email at [email protected] to learn more about how Tucker/Hall can help your data work for you. 


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