Based in the Riverplace Tower in the heart of downtown Jacksonville, Tucker/Hall knows Northeast Florida intimately. During a time of rapid growth and change for the region, it’s vital to have a communications partner who is familiar with the community, its politics, and its economy, as well as how those elements fit into the wider Florida context.


We provide a broad range of high-level communications services for organizations of all kinds – private companies, nonprofits, governmental agencies, advocacy groups, and more. Whether you want to negotiate a crisis, get an ordinance passed, or tell your organization’s story in a more effective, strategic way, rely on Tucker/Hall’s long track record of success in Northeast Florida.


Tucker/Hall has served Florida’s strategic communications needs since 1990. We use our extensive PR toolbox – the latest technology; extensive relationships with journalists, business leaders, and politicians; and our staff’s hard-won expertise – to get you measurable results. We’ve been trusted advisors through booms, recessions, crises, acquisitions, and more – experience that informs our approach to new issues and helps us take a long-term strategic view.

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For 30 years, businesses, individuals and organizations of all kinds have turned to Tucker/Hall to help them grow their businesses, manage crisis situations, or advance an agenda. With deep Florida roots, and a presence in Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, and Tallahassee, Tucker/Hall delivers the high-level communication support that businesses and organizations need to thrive. Our experienced team has built a community of connections and local relationships all over the state of Florida, developing a profound understanding of the state and its regional complexities. We leverage that to craft unique PR solutions, taking into account relevant history, politics, and economic dynamics.


Your company’s situation is unique. You may be expanding, changing leadership, premiering a new initiative, or just wanting to overhaul the way you tell your story. No matter the scenario, Tucker/Hall will build a bespoke strategy to help you accomplish your short- and long-term goals, working closely with you to develop and implement it every step of the way.


How you communicate during a crisis defines how your company is perceived. From the earliest minutes of an unexpected event – accident, natural disaster, lawsuit, etc. – how you react has a direct impact on your employees, your customers, and your long-term reputation. Tucker/Hall provides crisis support before, during, and after, helping you anticipate and plan for risk, manage ongoing crises, and repair your reputation afterward.


Tucker/Hall has experience developing campaigns to educate and build consensus on issues of importance. By applying research, creativity, traditional media approaches, and community relations strategies, our senior consultants are able to define and manage an issue to a successful outcome.

Full-Spectrum Service

All of our practice areas are backed by industry-leading digital tools and more than 30 years’ experience.

Our Jacksonville team

Through decades working and living in the community, the Tucker/Hall Jacksonville team has what it takes
to achieve your strategic communications goals.

John Finotti

John Finotti

Vice President

Lauren Steif

Lauren Steif

Account Executive/Digital Strategist

PROI Worldwide

In 2021, Tucker/Hall was elected to partnership in PRO Worldwide, a leading global consortium of entrepreneurial communications agencies with partners in 55 countries. By sharing global insights and best practices, PROI agencies remain best in market trendsetters, supporting the drive to deliver the most impactful communications campaigns for their clients.

While we maintain offices in Tampa and Jacksonville, and have employees and partners in Orlando, Lakeland, Tallahassee, and Miami, we have a global reach with PROI agencies across the planet. Whether your company is based in Florida, California, New York or Washington, D.C., Tucker/Hall is uniquely positioned to provide creative, strategic solutions to your complex communications challenges.

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